RAD Smart Smile AI Inc.

Artifical Intelligence
in Dentistry

We provide a platform to enhance dental and oral health management.

What We Do?

  • Our platform is a machine-learning-enabled system that can help diagnose oral problems quicker and with higher accuracy.
  • Ou platform will use radiographic images, blood samples, biopsy, saliva, and other similar results, which will be processed and analyzed by machine Vision algorithms to predict oral and dental hygiene, diagnose oral and dental diseases, and suggest the best treatment plan
  • Our platform can provide an affordable, speedy, and accurate diagnosis of oral and dental diseases, focusing on preventive methods for improving oral and dental health.


  • Reduction in cost through providing saas-based integrated platform
  • Integrated artifical inteligence with machine learning technology to help predict efficient
  • Integrated technology that could easily predict tooth decay, periodontitis, oral abscess, tooth erosion etc.
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  • Costly technology solution without focus on preventive measures
  • Disease DIAGNOSIS and treatment plan takes time to generate/prepare
  • Future Disease prediction might not be easily possible

Our Prototype

Our Product is a software solution that can provide dentists, government health officials, and dental equipment manufacturers with a leading AI based dental solution.

How does it work

- Our platform can be integrated into the existing IT system, through which it can access the radiology and other reports for processing diagnoses and providing treatment plans.
- Our platform will help doctors to ensure affordable, speedy, and accurate diagnosis in oral and dental diseases.

Our Team

Allahyar Barari
Mousa Karimi
CEO | IT Manager
Nooshin Abbakhshani
Pathologist Researcher
Bahareh Afjehsoleymani

#2025 Willingdon Avenue, Unit 900
Columbia, V5C 0J3, Canada




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